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The House and the Association

Casa Sponge Casa Sponge is a multifaceted place, born 10 years ago as a Cultural Association by the will of Giovanni Gaggia, artist performer and current Art Director of the House.
It stands near the top of a gentle hill, surrounded by the woods and cultivated fields that are the symbol of Le Marche inland. A pleasant landscape, where with little effort it is possible to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the Apennines and its highest northern peaks. Half a kilometer from the building there’s the small village whose name only a novelist would have chosen: Mezzanotte (Midnight). Still, further on, in the valley carved by the Cesano river, we have Pergola, famous for its gilded bronzes from the Roman era, with its houses and churches in the medieval style of the thirteenth century. This is the same land that inspired Mario Giacomelli: famous photographer whose works are hosted in many international museums, such as the MoMa of New York.
Physically Casa Spongeis a country house with two souls belonging to different ages. The first, made of stone and lime, dates back to the 19th century. The second to the early ‘900, with its cement and bricks perfectly squared. These cores have been amalgamated in modern times, making this house for the purposes of the Association that hosts: Spongeartecontemporanea. Every corner of the house contains pieces of contemporary art, left behind by national and international artists. Although the external look of the House undergoes few modifications, the interior changes continuously to adapt to the artistic needs of the association.
Focused on the idea of reception without prejudice, Casa Sponge often invites artists and writers within its walls, encouraging visitors to come and share with them a day or just short moments.

The Rooms

The House can accommodate its guests in three double rooms, each one different from the other and variously decorated with objects left by the artists who have visited it over the years. Guests will therefore have the opportunity to rest in unique environments, completely surrounded by contemporary art. Other works of interest are placed in the Wunderkammer on the ground floor, where there are also the kitchen and the living room, and in the artist’s studio.
The three double rooms are divided by color:

  • Orange:on the ground floor, with large windows overlooking the garden. The most spacious and airy of the three. In addition to various paintings and objects, it contains a small collection of posters and circus objects. It can be modified into a triple.
  • Blue: on the ground floor, next to the Orange. The most collected among the guest rooms. Its plaster recalls the intense blue of the open sea. Enigmatic and profund, is definitely suitable for reflection and deep rest.
  • Azure: on the first floor. Accessible through an antechamber that separates it from the rest of the House. It is adjacent to the large terrace, overlooking the mountains, and that develops itself around the small private bathroom. The appearance of this room often changes according to the needs of the exhibition in progress, while maintaining an air of familiar welcoming.


The activity of Casa Sponge is not limited to just being a container of artistic works. The Association cultivates dense relationships with local cultural realities, keeping alive the interest in contemporary art (often misunderstood by the profane) and the local natural beauties. Its efforts were rewarded in 2017 by Le Marche Region with the publication of a dedicated book: “Sponge, un sogno che a,m,o – dieci anni di arte contemporanea nelle Marche”.

Being neither a spa nor a wellness center, Casa Sponge cultivates an idea of wellbeing that encompass this concept wholly with the continuous activities of its Wellness Laboratory, where it is possible to experience not only massages with the Peter Hess method, but also participate in the monthly recreational activities that allow you to deepen your knowledge of yourself and the surrounding area. A great opportunity to recharge your batteries after many months full of stress and tension.

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(written by Mattia Galantini)